A new MINIM project that invites you to discover innovative contemporary art proposals in a non-conventional atmosphere

MINIM is a shop-showroom of furniture and lightning of contemporary design with presence in Madrid and Barcelona. A specialised team and a fine selection of products from the best national and international firms allow us to assist our customers in creating contemporary, elegant and functional interior spaces.

At MINIM we have developed a long sponsorship role around arquitechture, art, design, music or gastronomy because we consider our corporate activity as an opportunity to share those things we love with our customers and friends.

According to this philosophy, MINIM Art is born; a new MINIM venture that pretends to bring contemporary art closer to the public in Madrid in a non-conventional ambiance. MINIM Art is proposed as a meeting point between design and art in its different appearances: painting, sculpture, drawing, video, installations, etc.

Regularly, MINIM Art will program exhibitions of renowned national and international artists with a peculiarity: since this is not a traditional gallery, artists will need to propose projects conceived explicitly for our space. So their art pieces will need to dialogue with those items of contemporary design found in our showroom. To achieve this we have the expertise of Emilio Navarro an experienced professional that worked as director of Museo de Caja de Burgos for 12 years.

Among the commissioned exhibitions during this period we can mention those of individual artists with a solid career as Alex Arrechea, Carlos Garaicoa, Geert Goiris, Cao Guimaraes, Lucía Koch, Meiro Koizumi, Zilla Leutenegger, María Loboda, Mateo Maté, Iván Navarro, Hans Op de Beeck, Jorge Pardo, Perejaume, Pedro Reyes, Georges Rousse, Hiraki Sawa, David Shrigley, Lucy Skaer and Marcel Van Eeden.

As a commissioner at MINIM Art, Emilio will be in charge of selecting artists and will collaborate with them and with MINIM team in the selection of pieces and in the exhibition design.

Mesa sillas zigzag. Teresa Moro MINIM Art
Teresa Moro presents "Dreaming in the studio, thinking in the kitchen, painting in bed"

Opening: November 21th, at 8 pm · Registration:

Teresa Moro is an artist from Madrid (21.07.1970), with a degree in Fine Arts by Complutense University in Madrid (1988-1993). In 2009-2010 she was awarded the Endesa scholardship in Plastic Arts, in its 11th edition. She has exhibited individually in many art galleries and important institutions both domestic and international. Among those that stand out:

2004: "Vida salvaje", Sala Carlos III de la UPN, Pamplona.
2008:"Emboscada", CAB, Centro de Arte Caja Burgos, Burgos.
2016: “Casa-estudio-calle-barrio”. Centro Centro, Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid. Collective exhibition.
2016: “Pintura en voz baja. Ecos de Giorgio Morandi en el arte español".

Her work is part of the permanent collection in Museum of Modern Art (Judith Rothschild Foundation drawing collection), Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo de Santiago de Compostela (CGAC) and the Endesa Foundation - Teruel Museum.

Her work is characterized by the creation of neutral and subtile sceenes, using two art languages, drawings and painting in which she represents objects (mostly furniture) rescued from random encounters in her everyday life or deliberately found because of its aesthetic or emotional interest, but always with a costumbrist, material and existential.

"Dreaming in the studio, thinking in the kitchen, painting in bed" is the first exhibition of  MINIM Art. Teresa proposes an exhibition inspired by the furniture and objects with which her contemporary colleagues, other historical painters such as Hopper, Matisse, Morandi, Magritte, etc,  and even herself, have lived daily.  In this exhibition, the painter recreates interior scenes of houses and studios where appear furniture designed by the artists themselves, pieces made by historical designers and others without any value beyond the purely utilitarian.

Photos: Matios, Teresa Moro & Quinita Cotorruelo

MINIM ART #02:  Julia Oschatz · Febrero 2020 MINIM Madrid

MINIM ART #02 · Julia Oschatz · February 2020

Julia Oschatz is a German artist that has created a unique magic and oneiric world that started to occupy a renowned place in the international scene from the first decade of 2000.

There are two constants in Julia´s work: her love for classics and her oneiric-satirical game.

Her love for classics is revealed in many of her works (paintings, drawings, prints) that take hold as pattern pieces from artists like Brueghel, Veronese, Patinir, Tiziano, Zurbarán, Velázquez or José de Ribera. Julia´s works consists in altering these masterpieces, always in series format, adding or taking out elements that suggest a blurred narrative that our mind needs to decode.

Her most satirical aspect is found in her films or performances in which Julia disappears under a neutral entity that she has designed free from constraints like sex or race and through her spasmodic acts satirizes about the absurd of existence, not without a nihilistic touch of black humor.

The renowned international recognition on her work is consigned by her individual expositions in prestigious institutions like Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City (2008), The cabinet of the Kupferstichkabinett the Gemäldegalerie/Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (2014),  Kunstverein Hannover (2016).

In February 2020, Julia Oschatz will exhibit in Madrid for the first time and it will be in our showroom with a that she will specifically design for our space MINIM Madrid coinciding in time with ARCO expo.

 MINIM ART #03:  Remy & Veenhuizen · MINIM Madrid

MINIM ART #03 · Remy & Veenhuizen · June 2020

Next summer, the artistic tandem formed by Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen will arrive to MINIM Art. Two artist whose way of working and achievements puts them apart from conventional design and makes them especially different revealing a great personality.

They work halfway between art and design, industry and craftmanship, production and experimentation. They play with the rhythm of forms, colors and textures, creating poetic objects with message and function; objects that transmit sensations, stories or ideas capable of exciting and surprise.

These two artists are included in designing collections from some of the most important museums in the world such as the MOMA of New York, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Design Museum in Helsinki or Amsterdam´s Stedelijk Museum, and are a referential part of the new generation of designers from the Netherlands.

Remy & Veenhuizen come close to what we could call a design based on ideas, not resigning from their objects usefulness (they have a clear understanding that “form follows function”), and with a poetic manufacturing process. A design in which investigation and experimentation with materials and surroundings are also key components.

In most cases, their craftmanship production process doesn't allow that their works are produced massively. But it is this singularity that provides attraction to their work. An art that we can enjoy next June in MINIM Madrid, together with other surprises that undoubtfully this unpredictable couple will bring.