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At bulthaup Barcelona and bulthaup madrid claudio coello - our kitchen furniture stores in Barcelona and Madrid - our teams are specialists in designing bespoke kitchens from the bulthaup brand.

Founded in 1949, bulthaup is a German brand that is currently positioned among the leaders in the world market for premium kitchens. Motivated by its passion for authentic materials, functionality and the value of craftsmanship and design, bulthaup develops multifunctional kitchen systems and living spaces to focus on what really matters: people, with their individual wants and needs.

Bulthaup kitchens are high-end kitchens conceived as living spaces, as meeting and communication places where people can display their creativity and experiment by creating with their hands. Modern kitchens that have been designed with the highest precision and technical perfection, following an architectural conception of space, to make them the centre of the home.

The German firm bulthaup has four great kitchen systems that stand out for their quality, functionality, design and innovation. The versatility of bulthaup designer furniture and kitchen systems (bulthaup b1, bulthaup b2, butlhaup b3 and b Solitaire) is so wide that the range of possibilities when building a butlhaup kitchen is very extensive. Modern Kitchens, Custom Kitchens, Minimalist Kitchens, Luxury Kitchens, Wood Kitchens, Stainless Steel Kitchens, Island Kitchens, Open Kitchens, and Small Kitchens.


Bulthaup b1 kitchen cabinets

The b1 kitchen furniture system focuses on the essentials. It optimizes the conscious use of a selection of honest quality materials combined with a studied down to the last detail finishing.

bulthaup b1 is a minimalist kitchen with a streamlined character and simple clarity, in which the meticulous design of details and the reduction of all elements to the essential play a fundamental role. bulthaup b1 is discreet, harmonious and aesthetically perfect.

Based on the latest advances in engineering in terms of construction and functionality, it is characterized by its clear and simple structure and by offering a timeless design, high-quality materials and a precise finish. bulthaup b1 sums up the essence of the kitchen - elegant and understated - and stays true to the principle: as little as possible but as much as necessary.


Bulthaup b2 kitchen cabinets

The b2 kitchen furniture system is inspired by the golden rule of craftsmanship: order, clarity and proper arrangement of tools.

The modern bulthaup b2 kitchens redefine the original concept of the "kitchen workshop", through a unique combination of three elements: a workbench (available with sink area, cooking area and preparation area), the workshop modules ( to store crockery, kitchen utensils and raw materials) and appliance modules (to incorporate the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator). bulthaup b2 - created in collaboration with the renowned EOOS studio in Vienna - defines the living space of the kitchen as a changing system and, in this way, it "represents the prototype of the present and future kitchen.”


Bulthaup b3 kitchen cabinets

The bulthaup b3 kitchen furniture system fascinates with the diversity of its projects and introduces absolute design freedom into the living space. Instead of repeating the classic spatial configurations, bulthaup b3 gives the wall a playful and active role.

The functional wall frees the kitchen from the limitations of a project dictated by the plant and determines the architecture of the space by itself. It hides the sink in addition to the gas and electricity pipes and allows the modules to float. The wall becomes an active element, as functional as it is decorative, that allows the kitchen and the living area to be merged into the same unit.

Unique surfaces, seamless finishes, the innovative functional box, the award-winning water area… At bulthaup b3 each element is a pioneering creation. The development of the bulthaup b3 monobloc itself set a new benchmark in kitchen architecture. Located in the center of the space, the bulthaup monobloc offers a spacious place to prepare and cook together, creating an atmosphere open to communication.

The bulthaup b3 monobloc is a custom made product that is produced according to the exclusive wishes of the client, selecting the desired dimensions and finishes; functions such as hobs and water points can also be integrated according to any needs.


Bulthaup b Solitaire kitchen cabinets

The b Solitaire are pieces of furniture for the entire living space, designed and produced by the German firm bulthaup. They are elements that offer additional space for objects and can be integrated into the kitchen individually or combined (there are different designs, materials and sizes). Given their light and transparent appearance, the b Solitaires act as both connecting and separating elements between spaces.

- Each element rests on a solid foundation: an open frame in matt black aluminum provides the structure of the bulthaup b Solitaire.

- They can be freely positioned in space and are accessible from all four sides.- It can be configured with different shelves and equipment throughout its useful life.

- The subtle aluminum frame can be arranged with different surfaces in solid oak, stainless steel or glass.

- There are also different adaptable elements, such as oak grids, trays and pull-outs, with or without glass top.

- Each user decides the number of levels and the height where they want to place them


Elements to equip the kitchen with the best in design and quality

In our kitchen stores in Madrid and Barcelona we have a wide variety of bulthaup interior equipment to design your own organization system.

Pull-out drawers, cutlery boxes, flexible items of equipment for the interior of drawers and cabinets, functional prisms ... The bulthaup firm has designed a wide variety of elements to facilitate organization in the kitchen, with the aim that the client can always have at hand everything necessary to cook.


Accessories that are the perfect complement to your kitchen

In our kitchen stores in Madrid and Barcelona we have a wide variety of kitchen taps and accessories. You will find trays, containers, cutting boards, cooking accessories, special lamps for the kitchen and many other accessories. All of them, from prestigious brands such as bulthaup, Eva Solo, Serax, Alessi or Stelton, among others. A wide variety of pieces so you can design a kitchen totally tailored to your needs and choosing every last detail.

bulthaup accessories are based on a key idea: to be versatile and efficient, to facilitate daily work in the kitchen. Whether these accessories are pot rests, cutting boards, spice jars, containers for bread or for storing vegetables or roll holders, bulthaup accessories are characterized by their great functionality, the quality of their materials and their excellent finish.


Official bulthaup distributors in Barcelona and Madrid

At bulthaup Barcelona and bulthaup madrid claudio coello, our kitchen furniture stores in Madrid and Barcelona, are specialists in designing bespoke kitchens from the bulthaup firm. If you want to reform your kitchen, need to design a modern kitchen from scratch or are looking for an appliance or a specific element to decorate this area, do not hesitate to visit us at our kitchen stores in Barcelona (bulthaup Barcelona) and Madrid (bulthaup madrid claudio coello). You can also contact us by phone or e-mail.

Our teams of interior designers from Barcelona and Madrid - specialists in designing custom-designed kitchens to each client and each space - will advise you on everything you may need to design a kitchen totally to your liking. They are the most expert team in the country in carrying out bulhaup kitchen projects, the leading brand in kitchen furniture.

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