Contemporary Design Office Furniture

At MINIM we are official distributors of the best design office furniture brands. We are specialists in the design of modern offices and custom offices, with furniture that stands out for its formal and aesthetic quality.

In our furniture stores in Barcelona and Madrid you will find office tables, office chairs, storage systems, modular office systems and modern design office lamps, both technical lighting and decorative lighting.

We work with internationally renowned office furniture firms such as USM, Cassina, Fritz Hansen, Knoll, Vitra, OneCollection, Mobles 114, Zeitraum, Alias, Arper, Fredericia, Zanotta, BD Barcelona, Cherner, Treku, Sollos, Thonet, Acsil, MDF Italia or Alki, among others. We distribute these firms through our office furniture stores in Barcelona and Madrid.



We spend many hours in the workplace, whether in the office or in the study. Therefore, it is essential to build a comfortable, functional and versatile workspace, without forgetting style and good design. At MINIM we are experts in high-quality office furniture, contemporary design and studied ergonomics. We have a wide catalog of furniture and lighting for the workplace, which allow our clients to make a contemporary design office a reality, tailored to their needs and in accordance with their brand image.

In our office design furniture stores in Barcelona and Madrid we offer you a wide variety of solutions to turn your office into a perfect place to comfortably work, have meetings with clients and share moments with colleagues. In our contemporary design furniture stores you will find a wide catalog of office furniture to furnish your work space with a functional, modern and distinguished decoration.

One of the key pieces in the office is the table (straight tables, tables with wings, ergonomically shaped tables, office tables with skirts, wooden tables, metal tables, office tables with drawers and so on).

To choose the best office table for the design of each space it is very important to assess where and how the tables will be placed in the office or study. If several continuous tables are going to be arranged, the straight tables are usually used, but placing individual tables or two office tables together allow space to be utilized to the full with tables with a wing or "L" form. It is important to have on mind if the work to be done will be shared or individual, for example.

In addition to office tables, at MINIM we have a wide variety of solutions to furnish your office. We have office chairs (office chairs with wheels, office chairs without wheels, reclining office chairs,...).

You will also find office furniture conceived and designed for the good organization and storage of documents, objects, magazines... such as office storage systems, office cabinets, office drawers, office shelves and modular office systems that suits better the company's needs.

Furthermore, we have tables and chairs for meeting rooms, modern sofas and armchairs for reception, and many other contemporary design pieces for office decoration such as coat hangers, storage boxes or umbrella stands from the best brands.



Lighting in the office or study is key in creating a comfortable workspace. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a good lighting project in which the most suitable office lamps are chosen.

It is important to consider several factors to determine the right choice for an office lighting project. On one hand, the areas of the office where the lamps will be installed and, on the other, if there are natural light entries, what use will be given to that space, where the workstations will be located and so on.

Doing a good planning and distribution of the lighting in an office allows to personalize the light in the different work areas and to guarantee a more comfortable environment to carry out the activity.

In our lighting stores in Madrid and Barcelona we have a wide variety of lighting systems for the office: technical lighting (perimeter led lamps or tubes and recessed downlights), desktop office lamps (flexo lamps or adjustable table lamps), modern suspension lamps for located illumination or spot lighting, contemporary design lamps for ambient lighting (floor lamps, ceiling lamps or wall lamps), etcetera.



At MINIM Barcelona and MINIM Madrid we are specialists in designing workspaces and offices with contemporary design office furniture. We are experts in designing well-distributed and organized offices that guarantee a comfortable space to work.

If you want to reform your office, you need to furnish a modern study from scratch or you are looking for a table, chair or storage system for your workplace, do not hesitate to visit us at our office furniture stores in Madrid and Barcelona. You can also contact us by phone or email. Our teams of interior designers in Barcelona and Madrid, experts in designing offices tailored to each client and each space, will advise you on everything you may need.