MINIM Madrid

New furniture and lighting showroom of contemporary design in Madrid

MINIM Madrid

MINIM Madrid is a contemporary design space located in Madrid center, has just openned doors

The new showroom located on Castellana, 92 in Madrid, is a unique 500 sq meter space, where both professionals and consumers will find a comprehensive selection of home, office and outdoors furniture, decorative lightning and also technical lightning, from prime brands in the market that stand out for its quality.

The new MINIM showroom in Madrid offers on exposition furniture brands that are a key reference in global market like B&B Italy, Finn Juhl, Fritz Hansen, Living Divani, Maxalto, Porro or Walter Knoll. Also you can find lightning products from companies like Davide Groppi, Moooi, Oluce, Santa & Cole or Viabizzuno.

This new Madrid showroom is led  by Quinita Coturrelo and Montse Pérez, that count with an interior design team that offers a personal service to proffesionals that helps them in couching their interior design and lightning projects.

Photos: Matios

Experts in designing contemporary spaces

When we talk about designing contemporary spaces, our MINIM Madrid team is the best allie for consumers, arquitects, interior designers, investors and promoters.

The MINIM Madrid team holds a long reputation in the developing furniture and lightning projects asserting  a wide knowledge that is put in the hands of our customers for the realisation of their projects.

Miembros del equipo

Ginés Górriz
Ginés Górriz
Quinita Cotorruelo Manager MINIM Madrid
Quinita Cotorruelo
José Mª Milá Strategic Development MINIM
José Mª Milá
Strategic Development
Montse MINIM Madrid
Montse Pérez
Showroom Manager
Sandra Brenes
Sandra Brenes
Interior Designer
Ramona Cortini Interiorista MINIM Madrid
Ramona Cortini
Interior Designer
Elena Ballabriga Directora Financiera MINIM
Elena Ballabriga
Financial director
Txell Satorras (Comunicación)
Txell Satorras
Communication manager
Furniture and lightning gear from the best brands in the market

The brands that are distributed in MINIM are top of the range and reference global brands, that have been chosen because of their high quality and aesthetics.

Among the furniture brands we distribute you can find B&B Italia, an italian brand that stands out for its excellence outlook, Capellini including unique pristine items; Porro, a firm that combines tradition and technology in an ingenuous manner; Paola Lenti or Vitra, outstanding brands in outdoors furniture, as well as great firm like E15, Onecollection & House of Finn Juhl, ClassiCon, De la Espada or USM.

The offer for lightning solution includes international prestigious names like Michael Anastassiades, Davide GroppiFlosMarsetNemoOluceVibiaSanta & Cole or Viabizzuno, that allows us to offer our customer technical visually attractive solutions.

B&B Italia

Living Divani

House of Finn Juhl





Fritz Hansen


Paola Lenti


Walter Knoll

key dates

MINIM opens the first showroom-shop in Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona with the idea to offer the city with the best selection of contemporary lightning and furniture products.

In December 2013 MINIM moves to Via Augusta, 185. After more than 10 years after its oppenning MINIM has achieved to be a reference in the business and has gained confidence among the best arquitects and interior designers in town. 


In June 2019 MINIM continues strong with the philosophy to offer contemporary design and opens a new showrrom in Madrid: MINIM Madrid, in the centric Paseo de la Castellana, 92.