Contemporary design portable lamps for indoor and outdoor

At MINIM we are very clear that a well-lit space is not necessarily one that has the most lighting, but one that has the most adequate lighting. Enjoying a pleasant and welcoming environment both inside and outsite our home or at work, is essential for our health and mood.

One of the allies that can help us create adequate lighting wherever we go are portable lamps. They are wireless lamps, without cables, that adapt perfectly to our needs and lifestyle, without sacrificing design, quality and functionality.

At MINIM we are official distributors of the best lighting brands and portable lamps of contemporary design. In our furniture and lighting stores in Madrid and Barcelona we have a wide variety of indoor and outdoor portable lamps from internationally renowned brands. We work with companies such as Davide Groppi, Flos, Astep, & Tradition, Santa & Cole, Marset, Vibia, Artemide, Bover, Hay or Fat Boy, among others.



Nowadays, portable lamps have become one of the most demanded modern lamps due to the freedom of movement they provide, their amazing versatility and the great technological advance they have experienced in recent years.

The biggest advantage that the portable lamp provides us is that, by getting rid of cables and plugs, we can move the light anywhere: from one point of the room to another, from one spot to another ... and convert one indoor lamp into an outdoor lamp simply by moving it from the living room to the terrace, garden or patio.

There are on the market portable table lamps, portable pendant lamps, portable floor lamps, portable lamps with adjustable light intensity... the offer is very wide. They are design lamps that stand out for their formal and aesthetic quality, and for the wide autonomy they offer. At present, the autonomy of portable lamps is between 6 and 24 hours; Thanks to its rechargeable batteries we can enjoy good lighting both indoors and outdoors, for long periods of time.

Another major asset of cordless lamps is the resistance of the materials from which they are made. The resistance of their materials makes portable lamps a true all-rounder, perfect for illuminating a bedroom, a living room or an office, as well as for light up a terrace, a garden, an inner courtyard, the pool area or, why not, illuminating our nights on the beach or in the mountains.



At MINIM Barcelona and MINIM Madrid we are experts in contemporary design furniture and lighting. We are very clear that lighting is a key element in any interior design project.

Our expert team of interior designers from MINIM Barcelona and MINIM Madrid will help you achieve the perfect lighting for each of your indoor and outdoor spaces, through the best selection of contemporary design lighting brands (floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lamps, outdoor lamps, technical lighting ...). Here is a selection of portable lamps that invite you to let the light follow you wherever you go.

If you need a custom lighting project for your home, office, restaurant or business, or you are looking to buy a modern portable lamp to decorate your home, do not hesitate to visit us. We are waiting for you in our designer furniture and lighting stores in Barcelona and Madrid. If you prefer, you can also contact us by phone or e-mail.