MINIM Barcelona expone en su showroom varias piezas emblemáticas de la firma de mobiliario Minotti, diseñadas por Rodolfo Dordoni, Director artístico de la marca y coordinador de todas sus colecciones desde 1998.
MINIM Barcelona and MINIM Madrid showrooms will be closed to the public until further notice. We will continue working without interruption via telematic, offering our services in order to develop the projects that we already have in progress and manage the new ones that will come.
On February 25, MINIM Madrid celebrated the inauguration of the first exhibition that the Berlin artist Julia Oschatz held in Madrid.
MINIM Barcelona organized an event with the furniture firm Minotti to celebrate the successful relationship of the Italian firm with Italian architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni, Art Director of Minotti and coordinator of all the company's collections since 1998.
In February 25, the exposition “Motion of Matter” by the berliner artist Julia Oschatz will start at MINIM Madrid. This is the second exposition that MINIM Art will receive, a project created to to bring to the Madrid public innovative proposals for contemporary art in an unconventional environment.
On December 3 we present the "Xmas kit" at MINIM Barcelona; the Christmas showcase that has been created and designed by the winners of the XXXI Habitácola Awards organized annually by the Arquin-FAD.
"xmas kit" is the slogan with which the winners of the XXXI edition of the Habitacola Awards have named the Christmas showcase that they have designed especially for MINIM Barcelona...
On Thursday, November 21, we opened the first exhibition of the MINIM ART project: "Dream in the studio, think in the kitchen, paint in the bed" by the Madrid artist...
We released MINIM ART with the inauguration of the exhibition "Dream in the studio, think in the kitchen, paint in bed" by the Madrid artist Teresa Moro. The event will take place on November 21, at 8 pm, in the MINIM Madrid showroom.
On November 12, at 6:30 p.m., MINIM Barcelona hosts the presentation of the foundations of the XXXII edition of the Habitácola Awards, a contest organized by ARQUIN-FAD and aimed at students.
MINIM Madrid hosted the round table "El fisac de las pequeñas cosas", in which Mariano Martín participated, as moderator nex to Yolanda Cónsul and Mafalda Muñoz.
On October 10, within the same time as the Open House Madrid 2019, the opening of the exhibition "Fisac ​​... a very special house" took place in our showroom in...
MINIM Madrid, in collaboration with Open House Madrid, organizes the round table "El Fisac de las pequeñas cosas". The event will take place on Tuesday, October 15, at 8 pm, in our newly opened showroom in Paseo de la Castellana, 92.
The exhibition, organized in collaboration with Open House Madrid and curated by Mariano, brings us closer to the house of Cerro del Aire that the architect built as his home-studio. The inauguration will take place on October 10, 2019, at 8 p.m.
Three projects in which we have collaborated from MINIM Barcelona and MINIM Madrid are finalists in the Architecture Plus Awards of the Vía Group: the Burés House in Barcelona, ​​the showroom The Art of Living Frigicoll in Barcelona and the dermatological clinic Ricardo Ruiz in Madrid.