Presentación 'Micro libros sobre diseño' de Lucas Muñoz

Presentación 'Micro libros sobre diseño' de Lucas Muñoz


Next April 11, to warm up for Sant Jordi, we will have the honor of hosting designer Lucas Muñoz at MINIM Barcelona, who has just published 'Micro books on design'. A collection of Design books, aimed at a new generation of Spanish-speaking creators.

Lucas Muñoz seeks to investigate the multiple facets of contemporary design and its connections with related disciplines. The event will focus on generating a dialogue with Curro Claret, an award-winning and acclaimed designer, that responds to current concerns that affect the different material expressions of design.

Micro LSD, explores how design intertwines with the theoretical field and hybridizes with neighboring disciplines. It seeks to delve deeper into human and social values that go beyond the mere production and consumption of designed objects.

Join us to discover how design can influence and be influenced by the ever-evolving social context. Together, they will explore new ways of understanding and communicating design in a world yet to be defined.


About Lucas Muñoz

Lucas Muñoz Muñoz (1983) works in the world of art and design. He has been creating and producing since he was twenty years old. He founded eStudio enPieza! in Madrid, together with David Tamame, and his work with them has traveled the world and become part of private and public design collections (such as the permanent holdings of the Royal Science Museum in London). Since 2012, he has worked independently from Eindhoven, Netherlands, and Madrid. Create projects that offer a personal look at our artificial environment. He uses tools such as humor and crudeness, combined with a deep sense of logic and creativity.

His work covers a wide range of typologies ranging from boats, sound systems, and speakers to chairs and lamps or skateboards. In addition to being a creator in the workshop, he also develops conceptual and critical works based on local and contextualized research.


Presentation: Presentation 'Micro books on design' by Lucas Muñoz

Thursday, April 11 at 7:30 p.m.

Via Augusta, 185. Barcelona



Lucas Muñoz en conversación con Curro Claret