Minotti.  Barcelona

MINIM distribuidor mobiliario Minotti

Minotti, established in 1950 by Alberto Minotti, is located in the reference brands of Italian design, for its balanced mixture of tradition and modernity, luxury and rigor, style and comfort. Specialized in upholstery, Minotti looks for the equilibrium, perfection and the detail in all the pieces of furniture, with excellent finishes, fruit of an adequate combination between the craftsmen’s knowledge and the most modern technology.

A precise stroke, elegance and exclusive are the seal of the creative director, the architect Rodolfo Dordoni. Between its aesthetics milestones are the Hockney sofa and the armchair Quinn, two pieces that symbolize the essence of a brand that bets for a unique design and for a continuous research for excellence. A company that seeks to build a line of furniture with a persuasive style and the maximum contemporaneity, comfort, reliability and durability of the product.

MINIM is official distributor in Barcelona of the furniture firm Minotti.